Weekly Musicianship and Audio Production Classes with Jason Zac

Nathaniel School of Music is happy to introduce two new weekly classes on musicianship and audio! We specially created these pay-per-class sessions to quench your obsession for music. Each week will consist of two classes – one on musicianship and one on audio production. Every class will dive into detailed lessons on new exciting topics. You can choose to attend either one of the weekly classes or BOTH! The topics for the upcoming sessions are as follows:


Musicianship Class 3

Rhythm – Accents | Anticipation & Subtraction | Introduction to Notation

August 22th @ 7:30 – 9:00 am.


Audio Class 3

Using a DAW for Audio and MIDI – Reaper

August 24th @ 6:30 – 8:00 am.


The classes will be conducted at the Nathaniel Production House at Lavelle road.

You can register HERE!




Musicianship – Theory | Ear Training | Composition

Whether music is your profession or hobby, it all begins with theory. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced musician, musicianship classes can help you carve your path to a strong musical foundation. Unlock the magical world of music by understanding its rudimentaries. No matter what your musical goals are; whether you want to become a better composer, a better singer, or a better instrumentalist; the first step towards your musical destination is music theory.



Audio – Production | MIDI | Mixing | Recording

Dip your feet into the sea of music production, and dive into its deep waters. If you want to learn how to produce music, then these audio sessions are meant for you. Learn how to write, arrange, produce and record songs for other artists or your own projects.

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