Music Production – 1 Year Course

Brace yourself for the REAL-WORLD!

Nathaniel School of Music is proud to announce its latest course – “Music Production”. Our aim behind this course is to make you a proficient musician being capable to handle any environment you are faced with, and enjoy yourself while doing so! Unlike some of the other systems out there, we focus on the ground rules, tighten your music fundamentals and then get you to thrive in modern environments. Our faculty will inspire you along every step of the way with their skillset, industry achievements and years of experience. We are the first course out there which will also give you Recording Gear, Instrument training and, wait for it, a song produced for FREE at our studio.

The course features the following:

  • Become an All-Round Musician – Production | Audio | Film Music | Theory | Ear Training | EMP and more..
  • Learn an instrument FREE for an entire Music Method course – Valued at Rs.20000
  • Receive recording gear, software and official study material as part of your course
  • Trinity-Certified Music theory Course
  • Your final project submission will be produced FREE of charge at the Nathaniel Production House – Valued at over Rs.30000
  • Real-World Practice over live performances and recordings
  • Regular graded assessments with 6 examinations
  • Be part of the bigger Nathaniel Picture – Music Method and perform on stage
  • By far, the country’s most affordable and result-oriented music production course
  • Be guided by the most gifted musicians in the industry


  • Music Theory – The framework of music which will inspire you to create and innovate
  • Ear Training – Listen and “Feel” music like never before and absorb a song to its fullest
  • MIDI – The protocol which modern music will never get enough of
  • Electronic Music – Be at the top of your game crafting music of this generation
  • Audio Engineering – The core of music production lies in its knobs and faders
  • Trinity College Certified Training – Grades 1,2,3 – Be an industry Pro
  • Real-World Exposure – The best way to learn is to “DO” with the PROS
  • Industry Talk – Be inspired constantly from the best in the business
  • Examination – Test yourself from time to time with portions from the structured course

Thanks for your interest in learning music with us

We look forward to your participation at our Masterclass in your city.

Classes happen 3-5 days each week and will involve classes at the following locations

  • At our recording studio – Nathaniel Production House
  • Real-World Practice over live performances and recordings
  • At your own practice studio, “Walrus” which will be setup for you with equipment

Pavan Kumar – Film Music Producer and Composer with over 85 films to his credit

Lillian Zachariah – Trinity-Certified instructor and established Music Theory professional having trained all over the world

Jason Zachariah – 2 time Rolling Stone India awardee and established music composer and arranger certified in Pro Tools

Naveen Ujre – Proficient Audio and Electrical engineer having worked with some of the biggest names in the Music Industry

Jonathan Zachariah – Media Professional and Movie Director with years of experience

Geeth Vaz – Manager and Guitarist for top names in the industry including “Lagori”

We have 2 packages for you. One is just the course and the other includes a bunch of things which we hope will be a “no-brainer” with the price we’ve come up with!

Production Course (1 Year) + Free Instrument Coaching – Rs. 2,50,000

Production Course (1 Year) + Free Instrument Coaching + Production Kit (over Rs.50000 value) + Trinity College Fee + Books = Rs.2,75,000

Terms and Conditions

All fees are exclusive of GST

Course fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable

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