Wizards of Sound

Learn advanced Editing, Mixing, Effects and Mastering with Pro Tools. Also, record and produce completely a live recording by a band in a professional studio. Prerequisites are to have either completed Level 1 or be familiar with Level 1 concepts found here

Recording – Day 1

Microphone Techniques for recording Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Bass, Voice and more..
I/O Setup
Multi-Track Audio Recording
Loop recording and using playlists for comping
Recording Modes and File management
MIDI Input Quantize and Step Input
Workspace Browser

Editing – Day 2

Quantizing and Editing MIDI
Working with loops
Controlling tempo and meter in Pro Tools
Elastic Audio
Beat Detective
Cleaning up a performance
Tightening up a performance
Memory locations and Window configurations

Mixing – Day 3

Using and setting up gain based effects- EQ, Compression and more..
Using and setting up time based effects- Reverb, Delay and more…
Using buses for effects returns and sub-mixes
Using edit and mix groups
Automation in Pro Tools
Mixing tips and guidelines
Import session data and exporting options

Music Production – Day 4

Synthesis and Orchestration
Programming Drums
Mixing and Production Advice for various genres
Production secrets for best results
Introduction to Mastering