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The Nathaniel School of Music is constantly finding and bringing you ways that makes the learning of music as easy and convenient for you as possible.

That’s our passion, that’s our goal and that’s our love.

Pro Tools is currently the most widely-used audio production software in the music industry, which enables musicians to record, compose, edit and mix with great speed and ease. Musicians are constantly striving to create new forms of expression through music and using software like Pro Tools makes it possible to do so. The Nathaniel School of Music offers workshops on Pro Tools, ensuring that our students are kept up to date with industry standard DAW and music production.

The Pro Tools workshop is conducted by none other than Jason Zachariah, who is amongst one of the very few certified Pro Tools operators in the country. Jason’s passion for music combined with his musical intelligence, theoretical and technical skills have enabled him to develop into a brilliant musician and an astounding composer.

We also encourage students to get a hands-on experience with the software using Mac Workstations available for use. The Nathaniel School of Music also offers internship opportunities for those who are interested in increasing their knowledge about Pro tools and music production.

So contact us at the Nathaniel School of Music, if you are interested to create and produce music.

Days and Timings:

Friday & Monday  : 6:30 pm to 9 pm
Saturday & Sunday : 7 am to 9:30 am

Pre-Requisites: An interest to create music


Essential Acoustics
Digital Audio Theory
Planning and Setting up a Music Studio
Sound Treatment and Sound Proofing
Audio Signal Flow
Using an Audio Interface
Cables, Connectors and Gear required for Music Production
Optimizing your computer and equipment care


Digital Audio Software Interface – Edit and Mix windows, timelines, toolbars and track outline
Hardware Setup
Making your first Audio Recording
Recording Techniques for various instruments
Selection, Navigation and Zooming Techniques
Basic Editing Operations
Working with Clips


Intro to the concept of MIDI
Setting up MIDI devices and the MIDI workflow
Recording methods for MIDI
MIDI Editing and Quantizing
Using Virtual Instruments


Introduction to a mixer and terminology
Preparing and optimizing the session for mixing
The steps of mixing
Setting Levels, EQ, Compression and Reverb
Finishing your work
Backing up your work