Songwriting – Lyrics and Music

Ever wanted to Compose a song with the band?

Now you can!!!!!!!

Learn the tools used to make our music in this 4 day course on Song-Writing which will help you widen your musical knowledge and help you compose, produce and play music using multiple approaches. The course focuses on the core theoretical concepts used, the structure and breakdown of each of our songs, individual instrument parts, arrangement, production and finally an interactive session where we get you to write a song with us. The course is organized by the Nathaniel School of Music

 Day 1

 Core Music Concepts used in our music

  • Voicing and Harmony
  • Rhythm patterns
  • Bass lines
  • Beat Division and Swing
  • Cadences and Resolution
  • Elements of the genres we use – Rock n Roll, Blues, Country, Folk and Classical
  • Accenting and Dynamics

Day 2

Arranging and Production 

  • Layering and Overdubs
  • Harmony and Double tracking
  • Important tasks before a recording
  • Recording techniques and choosing the right tone
  • Adding spice to the arrangement
  • Orchestration and use of notation
  • Balancing and final decision making
  • Basics of editing, mixing and effects

 Day 3


  • Starting a song – How to begin?
  • Song Form
  • Songwriting tools
  • Questions that need to be answered while writing songs
  • Point of View
  • Six Best Friends
  • Time
  • Song Development Engine – boxes – timewise

Day 4

  • Prosody
  • Stability & Instability
  • Line Length & No. of Lines
  • Creating spotlights – Why it is important
  • Creating stability or instability
  • Rhyme schemes used in songs – stability & instability
  • Rhyming Tools
  • Phrasing

Compose a song with the band