Rajeev Rajagopal

NSM’s new package course sounds really exciting and is very well structured. Playing for 10 weeks and being able to get on stage and perform is a tough ask if you are starting from scratch, but as the cliche goes ‘nothing comes easy’ and if you have the will to do it, there’s nothing to stop you.

I think the first song we made as TAAQ in 1996 was a track in 7/4 timing (or something equally absurd, for a beginner at least!). The song ‘might’ not have been to everybody’s liking 🙂 but hey we did it and till today we enjoy all the wonderful things to be learnt in the great world of music. Today we have almost 100 songs composed and who knows if we had a school like NSM back then maybe we would be at 200 or more.

Going out there and doing it is the only way to actually learn anything. Getting thrown in the deep end of things always brought out the best in me, Whether it was playing music or mainstream academics, or corporate work life or anything in general.

I played my first show within a few months of learning to play the drums and since then its been non stop for the past 15 years now.

I think everyone should give music a genuine try and with a great school like NSM around its definitely going to be a rewarding experience.

Go for it!