The mark of most great musicians is original music. Many musicians want to create music that they believe in, that they are inspired by and that speaks their story for them. Be it film scoring, background scores, composing for your band, choral arrangements or anything else, this course targets all aspects necessary to kickstart your journey as a composer and provide you a sense of direction.

. Music Theory/ Ear Training

Song Writing

Reading Rhythms

Styles and Genres

Arrangement and Orchestration

Sibelius / Muse Score


Piano Basics

Indian Classical Music

Film Scoring

Beat Boxing

Jazz Music

Percussion Basics

Music Theory (10 hours) – This course is aimed at covering core theoretical concepts and then applying them in real-world scenarios and to your own creations. Learn concepts like notes, note values, scales, intervals, chords, time signatures, pitch, rhythm, notation and much more. Once you complete this course, you’ll have a better sense of communicating your musical ideas and you will gain the core foundations to take your music skills to greater heights.

Sight reading and Notation (5 hours) – Learn how to read and write music using Staff Notation – a universal method for music composition and communication. Various musical pieces are taught with our teachers whose experience spans more than 30 years. Our unique method will be able to put you ahead of your peers in terms of reading ability.

Piano Basics (10 hours) – In recent times, the piano is the most versatile instrument and the array of things it can do is almost too many to list. Piano basics are a foundation module in all composition courses and can propel your composing skills far ahead by knowledge of core theory and technique aspects.

Song Writing (10 hours) – Have something to say? How are you going to find a way to say it in a way that hasn’t been said before? Our song writing course looks at popular song writing techniques, methods and properties. It also involves the component of adding music to lyrics and understanding structures of songs.

Students write and create a song during the course and record it.

Artist Analysis (10 hours) – Learn from the masters. This unique module looks at the music of some of the top artists and bands and deconstructs their music. In a first of a kind course, all our faculty come together in a two day marathon session to analyze and teach using the music, styles, techniques and aspects of a band that students rated top on our page.

Arrangement and Orchestration (5 hours) – Learn how to create a finished product from scratch to finish and radically transform a raw track. This module will be useful to bands, solo artists, composers and others who want to either create a new product or revamp an existing piece. Learn how to add different musical instruments and much more in order to create/ recreate music.

Notation Software (5 hours) – The course also gives you a jumpstart into Sibelius – The industry standard Music Composition and Notation tool. The software will be installed on your machines during the course. All this in 4 days over 10 hours of instruction filled with assignments, worksheets and interactive exercises.

Reading Rhythms (5 hours) – Get a know how into how note values, sub values, rests and other concepts work. With interactive exercises involving clapping, tapping, using our very own grid method and much more, learn how to get comfortable with rhythm in both popular time signatures and otherwise.

Styles and Genres (5 hours) – As a musician, one has to be familiar and comfortable with different styles and genres of music. Understand properties that generally define different genres and ways of commonly playing these styles and references to defining artists in those genres.

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