What does it take to be a performer? In this extremely competitive field, what gives you that extra edge?

Our performance package looks at how we can equip an aspiring performer or an existing performer to carve a separate identity for themselves and have some knowledge in a variety of areas relevant to the art of performance.

. Music Theory/ Ear Training

Song Writing

Music Business

Managing your Music Work

Mainstage & Looper


Live Sound for Musicians

Media for Musicians

Indian Music

Beat Boxing

Styles and Genres

Percussion Basics

Creating an Image / Look / Makeup

Home Recording and Production (2 Days)

Theory in practice (5 hours) – This module takes traditional theory and shows you how to practically apply it in your rehearsals, training and practice. How can you do differently what you have been doing the same way all these years? A sound theoretical foundation empowers the performer to improvise and confidently solo better during their performance.

Improvisation (5 hours) – Every performer dreams of being able to solo impromptu given say a standard chord progression. Improvising is a technique that requires a fair bit of theory and practice and creativity. This course tells you how you can improvise on different instruments. The course is taught by three different faculty and looks at demonstrating patterns, rethinking standard ways of playing etc.

Song Writing (10 hours) – Have something to say? How are you going to find a way to say it in a way that hasn’t been said before? Our song writing course looks at popular song writing techniques, methods and properties. It also involves the component of adding music to lyrics and understanding structures of songs.

Students write and create a song during the course and record it.

Band Dynamics (5 hours) – Everything from forming a band, interpersonal relationships, things to consider like finance, defining your sound, getting gigs, resolving conflicts, roles within a band and much more. Whether you’re already in a band or looking to be in one, this module looks at how to optimize the functioning of a band and getting it to do well. The special thing in this program is that, our faculty sits in on the band’s rehearsals real time and gives them feedback on everything from their presence and performance to what they can do better. A combination of tips, tricks of the trade, lessons and experience from seasoned performers and one on one feedback, Band Dynamics is a course that you should attend with your band.

Music Business (2 hours) – As a one off workshop, Nathaniel brings you a manager of one of India’s leading indie bands to teach our students the business that is music. Understand the intricate details of how this business works, who are involved, how to make it grow and sustain. Hear the resource person’s personal experiences of what worked for their band and what didn’t and what you can do differently.

Ear Training– Watch as rhythm, theory, melody and harmony come together in our grooving course, a module with customized syllabus combining the relevant aspects of all instruments in order to get the performer to create something unique.

Our performance package essentially looks at being able to create performers who are serious, passionate, hard working, enthusiastic and have that extra edge. In order to promote and encourage them, Nathaniel School of Music looks for talented upcoming musicians and gets them regular gigs at various venues in and around the city. We also offer you a 50% on our rehearsal rooms, which are full equipped jam rooms with industry standard equipment recreating the closest simulation to being on an actual stage.

Our packages offer you a heavy discount as compared to when they are opted for individually and are specially designed to give you courses only relevant to a certain specific area of study- production / performance/ composition.

Avail a discount of over 25% when you take the package.

Current ‘Music Method’ students at Nathaniel School of Music avail of a whopping 40% discount when they take this package in addition to their existing principal instrument.

All  courses, over 60 hours of instruction,

Performer Course – Rs 40000 (25% saving)

Performer Course for existing Nathaniel ‘Music Method’ Student – Rs 25000 (40% saving)