The production package is a carefully designed package based on the myriad needs of people that want to work with sound.

Over the years, with our experience of working as sound engineers, as producers, recorders and much more; we designed a course that can teach you all these things together in a span of four months.

The program is designed to give you training in the latest softwares used in the industry, an in depth know how of sound, studios, equipment and a lot more.

This package is a collection of 8 mini courses related to sound engineering.

This is useful if you are a novice in the field of sound or have dabbled a bit in it for a while.

We also ensure that our students get to work with an industry professional first hand and learn the tricks of the trade.

In addition, if after completion of the course, you need assistance/ direction in setting up your own studio, we offer you packages that involve completing doing the entire place up for you. We use material and people that have worked on our own studio, so we know we can offer you the best in gear. During the course, expect constant expert production advice constantly during classes, on your assignments and feedback on any questions and doubts you may have

. Home Recording and Production

. Ear Training/ Music Theory

. Synthesis

. Arrangement and Orchestration

. Wizards of Sound (Advanced Recording and Prod)

. Music Apps – Capo | Pro Metronome etc

. Mainstage & Looper

. Managing your Music Work

. Media for Musicians

. Film Scoring – BGM | Songs

. Percussion Basics

. Live Sound for Musicians

Home Recording (10 hours) – From the basics of sound and its properties to understanding equipment in a studio, this is the foundation course of our production package. Students familiarise themselves with concepts, equipment and softwares that will help them set up their own home studio. Additionally at Nathaniel, we offer them the best deals, where we acoustically treat and soundproof your room for you.

Wizards of Sound (10 hours) – As a continuation of the Level 1 course on home recording, this advanced music production course is where you practice whatever has been covered earlier. The course is designed in a way where all learning is hands on as students record a live band and produce, mix and master the entire song on their own aided by their mentor over a span of ten hours. Learn advanced editing, mixing, effects and much more in this course. This is the course you want to be doing along with our synthesis module if you are into electronic and dance music too.

Music Theory / Ear Training (10 hours) – As a sound engineer, it is very essential that you train your ears as much as your technical skills. One has to know the slightest note that is a little off while working on a song. You should also be able to hear what each instrument is doing at a time. And all this while still maintaining its raw feel and not making it sound artificial. Learn how to understand the finer elements of music with an option to study either music theory or ear training.

Synthesis (5 hours)- Ever wondered how those flashy solo lead sounds were made? Or even those rumbling basses? As a Keyboard Player or a Music Producer, there comes a time when none of those fancily named preset sounds that our synths come with seem to fit the bill. And the dreadful pointless tweaking of a sea of knobs begins. But that spaceship console like synthesiser isn’t really that complicated. With the right basics that we offer in this 5 hour module, you’ll find yourself graduating from a preset-scourer to a power-user of your synthesiser in no time! From ever-evolving synth pads to large bass sweeps, sharp cutting leads to massive swells, we’ve got it all covered.

Arrangement and Orchestration (5 hours) – Learn how to create a finished product from scratch to finish and radically transform a raw track. This module will be useful to bands, solo artists, composers and others who want to either create a new product or revamp an existing piece. Learn how to add different musical instruments and much more in order to create/ recreate music.

Internship – No course is complete without field work. Work as an apprentice to a professional for ten hours and assist them in real world work involving sound, recording, production and much more.

Our packages offer you a heavy discount as compared to when they are opted for individually and are specially designed to give you courses only relevant to a certain specific area of study- production / performance/ composition.

Avail a discount of over 25% when you take the package.

Current ‘Music Method’ students at Nathaniel School of Music avail of a whopping 40% discount when they take this package in addition to their existing principal instrument.

Producer Course – Rs 40000 (25% saving)

Existing Nathaniel ‘Music Method’ Student – Rs 25000 (40% saving)