We offer specializations in three broad areas of study. Each specialization is a collection of short courses and incentives that are carefully designed from basic to advanced level in that area.

At Nathaniel, we offer three specialization areas- producer, performer and composer. Each specialization has anywhere between 5 and 9 mini courses ranging from a day to four days. All courses in each specialization have been carefully designed keeping in mind a broad area of expertise. Taught by various professionals in the industry, there are theory and practical modules in each package.

As added incentives, some specializations offer you an internship opportunity in studios in the city while in others, you get opportunities to play gigs or help in certain ventures related to composing music.

  • Performer


    This specialization has courses that are designed to give you that extra edge in performance, with courses on ear training, music theory, improvisation, music business and more

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  • Composer


    This specialization is a combination of many courses that look at helping you start composing your own music. Students have courses on sight reading, notation, piano basics, arrangement and orchestration and much more.

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  • Producer


    This specialization contains mini courses from a basic to an advanced level on topics like recording, production, mixing, editing, synthesis that look at giving you a head start as an independent producer

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