Your Path to Stage Glory!

Music Method is a performance-based course that aims to make a complete musician of you. Whether a complete novice, a hobbyist or a professional musician, we start at your current skill level and advance from there. What’s more, we equip you with everything needed to play a show ON STAGE in just 4 months!

The course is conducted over a period of 16 weeks, split into the following sections:

Instrument Technique – These are your core classes for learning your instrument of choice. This could be Keyboard/Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Trumpet, Violin, Voice, Hindustani Voice or Carnatic Violin. Our guitar and bass exercises and techniques are a mix of known standards and our own customised ways of improving your agility, flexibility, control and strength to get the best tone out of your instrument. Piano players and drummers will focus additionally on independence of limb movement. Vocalists will not just sing and hit notes, but also focus on developing a rich tone of voice, clarity and correct diction with words and voice projection.

At the intermediate and advanced stages, you’ll learn licks, patterns and exercises that are more genre-specific. Your ability to use your instrument in various settings will be explored, and more technical aspects, both general and instrument-specific, will be discussed at length.

 Musicianship – Just knowing how to play exercises or your favorite songs on an instrument is definitely not going to make you a complete musician. These modules – Ear Training and Music Theory teach you musical concepts and use different methods to increase your musical understanding and skill.

Special classes – We said we’ll equip you for the stage, didn’t we? Here’s how – Our special classes will talk about your interaction with music and other musicians, including topics like band dynamics and stage presence. Also included here is a common Q&A session with the entire batch and the faculty members towards the end of the course. All of this is aimed at making your stage experience the most fun it can get.

The school also has two fully equipped Rehearsal Studios that can be booked should you want extra time to practice your instrument. These can also be reserved for any student band that wishes to practice there. A Lending Library facility at the school gives the student access to numerous music related books, most of which are very informative, but also extremely hard to find. These books have been collected over many years and are considered standards in music writing and teaching.