Who we are

The Nathaniel School of Music is an institution that aims at providing access to world class music education and identifying, nurturing and promoting talent. We are dedicated to providing the means and methods to not only learn and understand music but also to appreciate it. Our faculty have a long and proven background, both teaching and performing music, and want to provide you with the opportunity to explore the rich rewards of music and how you can make it a part of your life.

What we do

Music Method – Our flagship performance based course which gets you rocking on stage in 4 months and helps you grow as a musician and composer

Rehearsal Studio – Be inspired by our fully equipped, acoustically treated jam room which will prepare you and give you a crystal clear idea of how you will sound on stage. Let the music flow!

Nathaniel Production House – We are a full service Music Production facility – Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Arranging and Programming, Sessions Musicians, Artwork with the aim of helping you create your next masterpiece

Custom Classes – Learn exactly what you want to learn, how and when you want to learn it for those concepts and doubts which need guidance

Classes for Kids – We conduct exam-oriented classes with a fun learning environment for kids

Band Dynamics –  Come over as a band to master your creations, grow as a group and take your music to another level

Mini Courses –  Intense and structured courses on Ear Training, Music Production, Home Recording, Artist Analysis, Notation, Theory and Songwriting

 How it all started

The Nathaniel School of Music is the fruition of Walter Satyaraj Nathaniel’s vision of music as a source of vitality not just for the individual, but also for society at large. Walter was the first Indian to take over the baton of Western music from the British, after 1947. He transformed the British Musical Association into the Bangalore Musical Association, a musical institution that has shaped many of today’s stalwarts. A richly experienced musician, who has served as a church organist and a choir director for over 60 years, Walter also has the distinction of having performed for the Maharaja of Mysore on a number of occasions. As one of the earliest flag bearers of music’s universality and potential for social transformation in independent India, Walter’s vision has nurtured many of today’s musicians and music schools in both patent and subterranean ways. The school is committed to his goal of using music to nourish future generations and to give them an environment that is open and encouraging of their creative gifts.

Why music

Music has rightly been called the universal language for its ability to engage people irrespective of their nationality, religion, culture, race or any of the countless differentiators that divide them. It is a vital form of human creative expression that has ceaselessly and variously evolved over time, all the while contributing to and deepening our experience of the world and what it means to be human.

How is learning music going to help me?

Music has long been thought of as a panacea… a creative practice that not only provides a healthy release from everyday monotonies, but one that also inculcates a sense of discipline, dedication, purpose and human understanding, vital to living other areas of one’s life effectively and satisfyingly. In the rough and tumble of modern, urban life with its soaring demands, unforgiving deadlines and rabid traffic (among a host of other woes), music can be a powerful way to rejuvenate the entire being and a means of countering stress with a creatively, fulfilling antidote.