Pianoteq – Virtual Instrument by Modartt

Pianoteq – Virtual Instrument Pianoteq Stage (+2 instrument packs) €129.00 EURPianoteq Standard (+3 instrument packs) €249.00 EURPianoteq Pro (+3 instrument packs) €369.00 EURAdditional Instrument Pack €49.00 EUR From Jason Zac – “Pianoteq is my go-to Piano for my stage performances and studio recordings and inspires you to create music like none other instrument on the planet. […]

Music Method KIDS – Achievements

Raghu Dixit – Testimonial – Nathaniel Production House

Arjun Shounak – Vocals (Level 1)

  Earlier this feb, I had finally made up my mind to squeeze in time, gave a buzz to Jason and confirmed my participation for the vocal program batch 23. I consider this one of the best few decisions!!! The vocal program is so much fun and is easily the best thing to do early […]

Sneha Sodhe – Keyboard (Level 1)

It is not possible for me to explain all of my experiences. There are just SO MANY. You have experience it yourself  What a pleasure to express my observations, experience with, and knowledge I gained from Jason.He has a huge amount of personal talent and a vast accumulation of music knowledge; but equally important is […]

Arun Seshadri – Keyboard (Level 1)

Jason Sir is Simply Amazing with the keyboards. The way he can break down any song from its root and explain it to a student simply amazes me. There are many teachers in Bangalore who can teach you the keys but Jason takes the care and ensures that every student learns what he/she likes from […]

Avinash Bhat – Drums (Level 1)

During my childhood, I loved to play drums. When I was 10 years old, I used to bring two chairs and couple of spoons and keep playing until the spoons would bend. A tough nut to crack for my mother, on how spoons were getting bent! Finally, one day my mother found out the reason […]

Niresh Ambrose – Keyboard (Level 1)

“I not only can play Keyboard but can also record music from Home & I can now confidently say im a Keyboardist” I liked the training method used at NSM, Lots of exercise involved with the course which helped me give my best at Graduation performance. It was more of music knowledge sharing classes & I […]