Chethan – Guitar (Level 1)

From being a complete novice with regard to music to pulling off a gig in few months has been nothing short of a dream run!! and the credit goes to Nathaniel School of Music and its faculty. Its been a privilege to have an awesome guru like Geeth Jason Vaz. Not only is he a […]

Soumya Koka – Vocals (Level 2)

Going to Nathaniel School has been an extremely fulfilling and wonderful experience for me. The early morning classes with Lillian Ma’am were such a great way to start off the day. They were thoroughly enjoyable, from the physical workout to vocal exercises to her amazing sense of humor. Her vocal exercises helped me a lot […]

Emil Paul – Drums (Level 1)

Choosing Nathaniel School of Music to learn drums was the best decision that I made. 10 weeks of learning basics, music theory and beat patterns. Ryan is an awesome teacher. The classes were always interesting and I never got bored. I always had something from the class to take back home and work on. Ryan […]

Gautham Sivakumar

The Level 1 guitar has only one word that can describe it! “Amazing”! I have been playing the guitar for about 5 years and I learnt more during the ‘Music method’ than I learnt throughout that span of 5 years. The classes are so interactive. The teachers are so friendly and passionate. They are ever ready […]

Jatin Shetty – Bass (Level 1)

I joined NSM for bass on April 23rd, 2012, after months of thinking and searching and talking to people. And now that I completed my course I don’t regret it one bit. No other music school was properly dedicated in teaching bass. I was taught by the mighty “Jason Kishander”. I have never met a […]

Venkat Ratnam Naidu – Keyboard (Level 1)

Mine was a different story. My interest in music was restricted to film songs mostly as I was a movie buff. I was very less exposed to western music or bands etc. One of friends recommended me to join NSM. Learning at NSM is amazing. The course was helpful and a very good introduction to […]

Nanditha Kini – Vocals (Level 1)

My experience “re”learning music at NSM Can be described in one Word- “Euphoric”!

Srinivasan M

NSM offers amazing learning experience and goes a step beyond compared to other schools/place, to help musicians get better overall in their area of music.