Arjun Shounak – Vocals (Level 1)



Earlier this feb, I had finally made up my mind to squeeze in time, gave a buzz to Jason and confirmed my participation for the vocal program batch 23. I consider this one of the best few decisions!!!

The vocal program is so much fun and is easily the best thing to do early in the morning. The first class was really an experience and the exercises gave a meditative feel. I just knew I had more awesome things my way and eventually turned true.

Lillian ma’am, our vocal coach is not just an awesome teacher but makes yummy cakes, cookies, chocolates …..
She just knows how your voice works and whats best for you. Each vocal exercise we do will revolve around the areas that your voice needs!! And is definitely so much fun too!!

After the ten week course I got a chance to meet and work with so many students with their instruments and vivid influences. Covered some favourites, made a couple of our own. Early morning jams, booking jam time slots on spreadsheets like tatkal reservation was all so much fun!!
And on the big day we knew so many budding musicians, or rather friends now, and worked like a huge team to pull off a fun filled musical evening.

Final words : Grab any instrument you like and dial into Nathaniel School of Music.
Your band is waiting for you !!!