How to Trash your Preferences in Pro Tools (Part 1) – Nathaniel School of Music

Multi Track Editing – Pro Tools – Jason Zachariah- Nathaniel School of Music

Jason, our Audio Production faculty explains how to tighten up an existing rhythmic performance (Mass Multi Track Claps) using various tips and tricks in Pro Tools.

MIDI Orchestration using Structure in Pro Tools

Our Keyboard and Audio production faculty at Nathaniel School of Music, Jason Zachariah explains how to setup “Structure”

Gadget Demo- Shure SM57- The Workhorse Microphone

Watch as our Director Jason gives you tips on how to choose a microphone that helps you set up your own home studio. In this tip, he explains the benefits of the Shure SM 57 and its applications and even benefits over other microphones. He also tells you the useful things like where you can place it, how to use it and the other gadgets that you can use alongside it

Controlling and Automating Effects in Pro Tools

Working with Time in Pro Tools (Part 5) – Creating a Custom Click Track

Working with Time in Pro Tools (Part 4) – Choosing the Meter by Pulse

Working with Time in Pro Tools (Part 3) – Meter related to Tempo

Working with Time in Pro Tools (Part 2) – Beats and Sub Beats

Working with Time in Pro Tools (Part 1) – Meter