Scale & Chord Exercise – Ascending and Descending – Part 2

Jason Zac, Piano faculty of Nathaniel School of Music, demonstrates an exercise which works on 3 things:
1) Scales
2) Triads
3) Timing
The scale is played in a rhythmic manner along with the chord in an ascending and descending order.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Piano – Left & Right Hand Comping – Jason Zac

Jason Zac, our #Piano faculty, shows you popular grooving patterns in both Left and Right hands which can be used for Rock ‘N’ Roll music.

Chord Coloring – War Major – Tritone Usage – Jason Zac

Here’s another #Piano tutorial by Jason Zac. Make a Major Chord sound Dark and Aggressive with a clever use of a Tritone. Another tip to add colour to your chord sequences and make them more Epic!

Chord Coloring – Thickening – Piano Tutorial – Jason Zac

Here’s a tutorial by our #Piano Faculty, Jason Zac, which teaches you how to make your chords thicker by stacking 2nd and 4th intervals. Use this concept to enhance your chops to play a variety of genres which include Ballads, Country and Gospel.

Chord Coloring – Pedalling with 7Sus4 – Jason Zac

Create a unique harmonic sound with the amazing 7sus4 chord which sweetly progresses forward while the Left Hand or the Bass notes can shape themselves around it.

Chord Coloring – Mystery Chords – Jason Zac

Jason Zac, part of the Piano faculty at Nathaniel, explains how a simple Major or Minor chord can transform itself into something “MYSTERIOUS”. An arpeggio pattern is used in an odd-time signature for a more theatric effect!

The Dark Major – Piano Tutorial

Here’s another Piano Tutorial by our faculty titled, “The Dark Major”. Have fun playing around with a unique sound built out of Diatonic Triads.

Melodic Chords – Jason Zachariah

Jason Zachariah, our Piano Faculty explains a subject which he calls #MelodicChords. Learn this unique technique which can add color to your harmony while supporting the melody line to it’s fullest. This harmonic approach can even be used for Choral and Orchestral composition.

Ear Training – Harmonic – Triads – Part 1

Here’s a ear training tip on how to find the most important note in a triad, which is the third ┬áin a random order.

Circle of Fifths for Scales