Custom Classes

You asked, and we listened.

You wanted a shorter, more focused course. To add to your existing skill, in specific areas you need help with. A couple of hours, just to push you to that next step.

Starting now, we will be running Custom Classes!

All the expertise we can gather, directed at whatever you need. Got a solo you’ve been working on but haven’t got down just yet? Want to start on your favourite song but don’t know where to begin? Writing a song, but need help to really put some life into it? Jumping into recording, and trying to get that truly pro, CD ready sound? Wherever you want to direct our energies, on a schedule you are comfortable with.

Specific. Concise. And most importantly: customised.


Let say you are a guitarist who wants to learn how to set a cutting edge tone on your newly bought processor, then come to us for a short time and learn how!

Lets say you are part of a band and want to learn how to promote yourself effectively and start getting gigs for your band, then sign up for a couple of hours with us and you will know exactly what needs to be done.

Lets say you want to get into writing your own songs and just don’t know how to start, or wanted to give your songs some extra edge, then we could give you some helpful tips to write based on your genre of interest.

We have a solution for quite a few music related things and can also be flexible enough to give you a time slot any days of the week!

Please take some time and go through our form where you should find something which you want to learn and we will take it forward with our established faculty and develop a class which suits your requirements.

“Custom classes” is now at Nathaniel! There is now something for everyone, anytime!




  • Technicalities of an instrument (Finger Exercises, Legato, Tapping, Harmonics, Double Bass patterns, Dexterity and Strength, Fingerstyle playing, Vocal Range & Control)
  • Music Production (How to record a band, Insight into recording software, Setting the right tones, Programming, Understanding MIDI, Pro Tools Crash Course, Setting up a home recording studio, Editing tools and tricks, Mixing Basics)
  • Composition (How to start writing a song, Specific genres, Chord Progressions, Relevant theory, Song Structure, Developing yourself as a musician)
  • Learn a song (Understand the drum beat, Work out backing vocals, Learn the chords, Work out the riff)
  • Ear Training (Sight Reading Rhythms, Improving the melodic and harmonic ear, Intervals)
  • Music Theory (Chord Theory, Intervals, Jazz Theory, Blues, Scale and Modal study and application)
  • Music Business (Promotion, Booking, Sponsorship, Touring, Playing Abroad, Marketing, Legal issues, Record Label, Production, Royalty, Copyrights)
  • Band Dynamics (How to start working as a band, Practicing with Metronome, Coexisting as a unit, Understanding the roles or each player, Critical Guidance)
  • Rehearsal Mentorship (Here our faculty will sit through a rehearsal of yours and sort out issues which you and your band may face musically)
  • Working as a choir/ acoustic/ acapella team (This is a group class so required information has to be provided to help prepare for the class)

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