Hindustani Vocals

Hindustani Vocal music is the classical music of Northern India. Hindustani classical music is a solitary pursuit that focuses mainly on melodic development. Hindustani Classical Vocals are also referred to as Shastriya Sangeet.

Here at Nathaniel, you will learn the important concepts such as swara, bandish, swaramalika, developing the ability to sing alongside Western instrumentalists and more.

Our Hindustani vocal faculty, Naveen Hiremath, found his passion for music at an early age. He was inspired by his mother who is a talented Hindustani classical singer and vocal instructor herself.

He has recorded Kannada gospel music albums and features on Jason Zac Band’s latest album. He is the lead singer of the local Indian folk / rock project, Indian Ark.

  • Breathing & Physical Exercises
  • Practice different kinds of Swaramalika
  • The Ragas in Hindustani music – Bhupali, Yaman, Khamaz and more
  • Taals or rhythmic cycles
  • Hone the skill to sing alap, taans.
  • Different genres of Indian music (Ghazal, Folk and more)
  • Song learning

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