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At Nathaniel, we’ve had the vision of getting our youngsters to experience our flagship course “Music Method” in the best way possible. The promise to get each of our kids to go on stage and have a blast has seemed daunting over the years and we’ve constantly looked at improving our skills, we hope to realise that goal. Please read on…

You have a one stop place to walk in, pick up a high quality instrument for your child and then learn music with us in a structured and fun system. Our goals for your child are the following:

  • Enjoy music to the fullest extent possible and unleash their creativity with this great art form
  • Develop a Natural ability to count, sing and recognise musical patterns and phrases
  • Appreciate all the great music out there – Movie Hits | Classical Music | Pop Charts with special lessons by our faculty
  • Develop a rock-solid foundation on their chosen instrument with skills that are time tested and practical
  • Experience both forms of music – Classical and Contemporary
  • Learn the roots of music – Music Theory | Ear Training | Music Notation
  • Develop a sense of teamwork and musicianship with Rhythm Jams, Singing Drills and more
  • You as parents can interact with us thrice during the course in order to discuss your child’s progress and manage their musical journey better
  • Play a concert at the end of their course and rock on stage
  • Receive a certificate of completion from our school and plan the steps ahead after the 4 month program

It’s taken us some time but we now have the bandwidth for after school classes for your kids. And our course is conveniently designed to have 1 class over the weekday and 1 weekend.

Using Nathaniel’s growing musical versatility, we have top of the line studios which allow your kids to record and be noticed by the pros. We also have extended programs like our very own Nathaniel Choir. Once your child grows up, the learning can develop into something more professional and even career driven if they wish to be more involved with music.

This program is designed for children between the ages of 6 and 12 and lasts for 4 months per batch. Each of our students is given a “Kit Bag” which contains the following:

  • Percussion Instruments which include Bongos and Tambourines
  • Fun to play musical instruments including the Kazoo
  • Instruments which help your child’s overall co-ordination and breathing ability
  • A top-branded Headphone to listen to music in pristine quality
  • Our Lesson Material
  • A note book designed for music learning
  • Important accessories for each individual instrumentalist
  • And more…








All instruments are taught at various skill levels – Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


  • Is this a crash course? – Not at all. With this program, we have a goal after every 4 months in order to inspire your child and do what musicians do! Post the module, you are welcome for the next level which will be an advanced module
  • Do you have branches? – No. At the moment, our location is Langford Town which is centrally located. Our various facilities allow us to only work from one location. It’s just once a week for most of the course and once on Saturdays
  • Do you do exams like Trinity & Royal College? – We assure you that our training will help your child take up these examinations. However, our course is designed around our own time tested syllabus which is aimed at inspiring your child. We are very confident with our system and thus work independent of existing boards
  • What do I do after 4 months? – You can come back for the next level of course. Where the fun and the music gets bigger and bigger for your child
  • Can I learn an instrument along with my child? – Of course you can. We have our flagship course, “Music Method” which has got thousands of our students rocking on stage in just 4 months.
  • Can I perform with my child? – That’s a great goal to have and we will do all that we can do make that happen! Now how’s that for an idea! <<Clap Clap>>
  • Who are your teachers? – Please visit our website – www.nathanielschool.com and learn about all our faculty. They are all established performing musicians and have a minimum of 15 years of teaching experience each. Some have performed and taught all over the world.
  • Can I reschedule classes if missed? – Yes. This is a slightly complex process and will be explained at orientation
  • Is this course for real? – In short, we are really passionate about what we do and work towards achieving our goals. We suggest that you dive in and give us a shot. You have the option of giving us your feedback at any step of the way
  • This place is far. What do I do? – We urge you to somehow work around your busy schedule over our course and we assume that Saturday should not be much of a problem. If for whatever reason, you miss the occasional weekday, there are solutions available

We look forward to your participation in this unique program. To reach us, please call us at:

7760456847 | 9845465411

Or mail us at music@nathanielschool.com

You could also meet one of our staff personally and discuss the right steps forward.

Here’s how much we charge :

Music Method – Rs.20000

Over 60 hours of instruction

  • Unlimited rehearsals at our fully equipped jam rooms
  • Concert and Certificate
  • Classes on Instrument Technique and Musicianship designed for Kids
  • Cool Gear and Instruments which inspire your kids
  • Accessories and Lesson Material

Music Method + Instrument – Rs.25000 – 35000

All what was mentioned above plus a professional instrument at a competitive price. With all accessories included of course. Reach us to understand this better.

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