Music Method PRO

Our flagship performance-based course, Music Method goes one step further for aspiring professional musicians. Learn at your current skill level and focus on aspects of music which cater to YOU and only YOU!
Features of Music Method PRO :
-> 1 on 1 classes *
-> Get better at specific styles and genres of music which pertain to your career goals
-> Choose from our wide range of Specializations – Producer | Composer | Performer and become a diverse musician
-> Learn the basics of an additional instrument and expand your repertoire
-> Improve your Musicianship with Theory, Ear Training and Improvisation
-> Perform regular concerts and develop your charisma on stage
-> Acquire a professional Music Portfolio with the Nathaniel Production House
-> Regular workshops with Guest faculty from across the country inspire you constantly
-> Our studios and practice rooms are available through the day with a rich library of study material to work on
-> Join the Nathaniel Showcase if you have what it takes to be the next star
Post an audition (Please send us a demo of you playing the keyboard. A simple phone recording will do), once we have proven for sure that you will benefit from 1 on 1 customized classes, then a module will be developed. Else, you will still learn in a small group of like-minded and similar skilled students
We have 4 Packages which you could choose from, which offer 4 months of instruction with a structured, goal-driven curriculum.
In addition to this, there are also Audio and Video recordings to motivate and prepare demos for the outside world.
Please go through our packages and choose what works for you. You could also email us – music@nathanielschool.com for any queries.

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