Trumpet & Trombone

Three valves is all it takes for this amazingly versatile instrument to belt out everything from the most soulful jazz to the punchy, bright lines of rock music! The last century saw the likes of Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Chet Baker propel this high-energy instrument to the pinnacle of jazz and blues. And with quality instruments now being widely available, it is playing an increasing role in contemporary music, from funk to rock and even electronic music! And of course, it is the mainstay of any big-band setup. It may appear a hard instrument to master, but we at Nathaniel aim to give you a solid foundation to build your trumpeteering skills on.

The Level 1 course is structured to help students understand the trumpet as an instrument, teach them various aspects of the instrument both with traditional classical training and more practical exercises that gets them to play with a band. Interspersed with this are lessons on music theory, pitch, intervals and ear training to help them improve their musicianship knowledge along with improving their trumpet skills.

– Correct Posture

– Notes on the trumpet, buzzing exercise

– Tuning

– Learning and playing simple tunes

– Learning and playing more complex tunes    

– Major Scales – playing major scales up and down

– Compose a tune on the major scales

– Playing the major scale with different timings using the metronome

–   Tongueing techniques – Understanding Rhythm

–  Advanced tune on any major scale

– Pitch and Interval Practice – Ear training

– Jamming sessions on the Blues and Pentatonic scales

– Playing long notes like 2 semiquavers – Long notes to practice

– Songs

– More advanced techniques like Staccato, using quaver minim etc.

–  Creating Trumpet lines

– Playing songs (2 classes)

– Music Theory


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