Emil Paul – Drums (Level 1)

Choosing Nathaniel School of Music to learn drums was the best decision that I made.

10 weeks of learning basics, music theory and beat patterns. Ryan is an awesome teacher. The classes were always interesting and I never got bored. I always had something from the class to take back home and work on. Ryan always kept his teaching at a pace that I was comfortable with. I could always go back to him on the next class if I had any queries and he wouldn’t mind repeating the lesson again.

Lessons aren’t the end of it. NSM provides a platform to perform on stage, LIVE. To start with, they have a fully equipped jam room. Jamming with other batch members is fun and helped me to learn more about keeping time and synching with other instruments and vocalists. It also gave me an amazing opportunity to explore a lot of genres. And that’s not all, the association with NSM continues through alumni forum and chances to play more NSM gigs!!!

At NSM you get to have loads of fun while learning music. I would recommend “Music Method” to everyone.

Thanks to Nathaniel School of Music for making my decade old dream come true!