Carnatic Violin:

Indian Violin is one of the most exotic and mysterious of sounds. A simple four-stringed instrument played with a bow, its bright, dynamic tone and the infinite variety possible on its fretless fingerboard makes it suitable for almost any kind of music.

Here at Nathaniel, you will be introduced to the elements of Carnatic Classical Music: Sruti, Swara, Raga, Tala and so on.

Dr. K.T Udaya Kiran:

Dr. K.T Udaya Kiran is an accomplished musician in Carnatic classical music. He has a deep rooted and meritorious academic background in music with feather in the cap being his Doctorate Degree with the UGC sponsored fellowship. He is a “B High” grade artist in Carnatic Classical Vocal and Violin – AIR and Doordarshan.

He has also engaged in Carnatic and fusion concerts, and presented in numerous regional, National and International conferences and workshops in Italy and many esteemed organisations along with Internationally reputed artists.