Music Mechanics – 12th Dec

Nathaniel School of Music brings to you “Music Mechanics”, a first of its kind comprehensive music workshop in Bangalore. The workshop covers various aspects of music, right from the intricacies of playing different instruments to making a successful career in the music industry. Sessions on the importance of music in cinemas for the movie buffs and the art of presenting oneself on stage with confidence are all covered. These sessions are unique, special and are conducted by the best in the Industry! 13 sessions on offer from which the participant can chose to attend 7 of their choice.

  1. Groovy Kids – Fun music workshop for kids under 5 – 12 years
  2. Speed King – A session on shred guitars with Naveen
  3. Leave no Tone Untu(r)ned! – Bruce Lee Mani on getting the guitar to sound right
  4. Exercise to Improvise – Improvisation concepts and exercises by Bruce
  5. Blaze in Keys – Jason Zac on performance keyboard techniques
  6. Music.biz – All about the business of music by Gaurav Vaz
  7. The DnB Coalition – Prakash and Rajeev demonstrate how to lock and groove
  8. Vox – Techniques to improve your vocal skills with Lillian Zac
  9. In the movies – Explore the role of music in movies with Nazarius Manoharan
  10. The Showman – Learn to present yourself with confidence and poise on stage
  11. Digital Music School – Music technology and production in a nutshell with Jason Zac
  12. Beat – Roots – Rudiments of drumming with Ryan Colaco
  13. Song Writing – the acoustic way – Get a peek into the mind of the composers.

Date: 12/12/09

Time: 9.00 am to 7 pm

Venue: Cathedral High School, 63 Richmond Road, Bangalore – 560025

Price: Rs.600 for full day. Kids with ID cards get a 50% discount

Appendix- Who’s Who?

Naveen Thomas- Guitarist – Galeej Gurus

Bruce Lee Mani- Guitar player/Vocalist/Songwriter- Thermal and A Quarter

Jason Zachariah- Keyboardist- Thermal and a Quarter/ Certified Pro Tools Instructor & Trainer

Gaurav Vaz – Radio Verve/ Bassist Raghu Dixit Project

Prakash K N – Bassist L Subramanium and Karma 6

Rajeev Rajagopalan – Drummer – Thermal and a Quarter

Lillian Zachariah – Choir Director, Cathedral School and Organist, All Saints Church

Nazarius Manoharan – Creative Head, M&M Connect Advertising & Promotions

Anmol Vellani – Emminent Director and Theater Personality

Ryan Colaco – Drummer – Kryptos

Joey – Guitarist – Allegro Fudge

Timothy Thomas – Singer – Mood Logic/ Audio Engineer

Contact Information: +91 98448 85836 | +91 93419 61169 | +91 97417 63549 | +91 98806 30535