Namrata G

I have always wanted to get back to vocals and learn the guitar, but never had the time or the guidance required, once i left school. NSM provided a one stop solution to my problem with a better time frame and experienced staff. also a bunch of creative and fun people.
“Music Method” was quite an intense program (10 weeks, 3 days a week and 2 hours per class). What pushed me to come down all the way to Bangalore city was the fact that it was a capsule and was in a city i was previously working in as well as had friends living nearby – it all seemed to fit. Plus,i hadn’t quite found such a focused approach in Mumbai.
There is no doubt that the quality of instruction is good. The benefits are manifold, one is the glamour of being part of a band as well as meeting like minded people from various backgrounds.
Although I wish I could have completed the course, with the little time I spent at NSM .
Nathaniel has contributed in a large way to my courage to sing publicly again,as well as rekindle my goal of learning the guitar. NSM’s ambience and vibe is something that is rare.