Nanditha Kini – Vocals (Level 1)

My experience “re”learning music at NSM Can be described in one Word- “Euphoric”!

Voice - Level 1
It was intense in the right measure, and a fun-filled experience- with the right chord being struck between group and batch, team and individuals. The course was composed of an optimal mix of theory, vocal exercises and vocal maintenance. Plus learning the etiquette and right stances and poises to be adopted while performing on stage.
Singing is not Just about hitting the “right” notes. Singing is about mood, choice of the Best genre for voice types, communication of emotion and singing from the heart. You Can teach a vocalist to sing, but teaching someone to emote is next to impossible. Lillian Ma’am’s dedication to teaching us, a rowdy motley crew, the basics of vocal exercising and teaching us to Feel our songs, emote through them and Also to introduce dynamics into our singing, made it a phenomenal experience for us. She’s a stalwart at music and the privilege and honour to study with her was all ours’.
I Also had the chance to work with Jason, a phenomenally talented and immensely passionate musician. It is an accepted norm that success in every field is not without dedication and passion to What one does. Here at NSM, it is Wonderful to work with and learn under people who are both experienced and passionate about What they do.
Our batch consisted of an eclectic mix of individuals, from different backgrounds which meant vivid personalities with varying temperaments. For working professionals like us, a course designed with flexible Timings and not too intensely heavy was apt and made for an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Life shouldn’t be only about being a successful professional. It’s about well-rounded development and being able to Take the time off to engage in a hobby you love.
Thanks to NSM, I’ve been able to Take that first step in doing that. Looking forward to doing more courses in music with NSM.