Music Method

The Nathaniel 'Music Method' program offers you carefully graded courses in your favorite instruments with a unique syllabus that's performance oriented. Learn from experts in the field and play on stage with a band in just sixteen weeks. Also choose to specialize as a Music Produce/ Composer/ Performer from our specialization packages

Level 1 is aimed mainly at students who have no background in music but also recommended for students who can play an instrument but are not aware of theoretical concepts. This course will ensure that a student is proficient with theory, develops a good ear and attains a certain level of comfort and competency with the instrument of choice. This course also serves as a refresher for students who haven’t been in touch with their instruments. The only prerequisite for this course is an interest in music.

Level 2 is aimed at students who are comfortable with their instrument, have a sound understanding of music theory and concepts, and want to improve as musicians. Students opting for a Level 2 course will have to present their skills in an audition where they will be assessed by the faculty. Then a customized course plan will be charted out for the student over the 16 weeks focusing on specific skills like ear training, songwriting, improvisation and music production. Alternatively, students can also opt for Music Method Pro

  • Music Method PRO

    A Customized Music Course for the Aspiring Professional – Piano | Drums | Bass | Voice | Guitar

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  • Music Method KIDS – Now Online

    You have a one stop place to walk in, pick up a high quality instrument for your child and then learn music with us in a structured and fun system

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  • Keyboard

    The piano (and its contemporary descendant, the keyboard) have become an essential part of modern music, and Nathaniel’s ‘Music Method’ will put you well on your way to mastering the keys!

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  • Guitar

    To most people, the word music conjures up the image of a guitar! Learn all things guitar at our ‘Music Method’ course and play on stage in just 4 months!

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  • Drums

    The rhythm is the single most defining part of any song. Learn drums from the best in the business at Nathaniel’s ‘Music Method’ course and be on stage in just 4 months!

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  • Bass

    The bass guitar is by no exaggeration the driving force behind a band. Our ‘Music Method’ Bass course will enable you to be a solid foundation to any band, in just 4 months!

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  • Vocals

    Learn all the nuances of becoming an amazing singer with our ‘Music Method’ course for Vocals! What’s more, we put you on stage in just 4 months!

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  • Trumpet & Trombone

    Having been relegated to a filler instrument and a signalling horn for centuries, the Trumpet is now back with a bang, taking prominence in a wide range of genres.

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  • Custom Classes

    All the expertise from our full courses, condensed into your timeline, directed at areas you want specific help with. It’s your class, done your way… everything from instrumentation and performance to writing, recording and marketing.

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  • Violin

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