I had spent a few years singing in bands and I had found that my voice desperately needed formal training.I found that my voice would be really hoarse after each performance and practice, which took a toll on my confidence at shows, as I was concentrating more on getting my voice to sound right, than enjoying myself. I had so many questions that needed answers and needed an instructor who could tell me where I was going wrong and correct me.

I heard about Nathaniel School Of Music’s workshops and attended both.

After the 1 hour of condensed training by Mrs. Lillian Zachariah, my voice had opened up a lot more. I then decided to join NSM and I consider it one of my best decisions yet.

The lessons by Mrs. Lillian showed me how wrong I was in my breathing, modulation, etc. After the 3 months, I was a new person with a lot more confidence.

The best part about NSM is that it is probably the only school that knows what exactly is happening in the music scene in India and is actively involved in it. They give you a lot of practical experience, rather than just theory. What I was looking for was training that would help me perform better as a musician. I found exactly that at NSM.

I now am part of an awesome band called Allegro Fudge with the faculty of NSM, and we’re looking to release our first album soon, and it is a dream come true. None of this would have been possible without the school.

So if you’re looking to be an ACTIVE musician, NSM is the place for you. I’ve made many awesome friends here and jamming endlessly was so much fun. I could also brush up on my guitar and drumming skills, while studying vocals. I hope to be back for level 2.

Thank you Mrs. Lillian and Jason for this awesome place.

– Saahas

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