Sneha Sodhe – Keyboard (Level 1)


It is not possible for me to explain all of my experiences. There are just SO MANY. You have experience it yourself 

What a pleasure to express my observations, experience with, and knowledge I gained from Jason.He has a huge amount of personal talent and a vast accumulation of music knowledge; but equally important is his capacity for coaching. I know first hand how well he directs, instructs, inspires, and motivates a student.

I must also mention his high degree of compassion, flexibility, and humor. She has that rare knack of imparting to a student the qualities of music appreciation, the joy of learning, and the drive and desire to progress.

It is rewarding to see myself progress and learn something brand new, while tying in music from artists and bands that I love. It is nice to just dedicate time each week to myself through the art of music. I initially wanted to start playing an instrument because I thought it would be cool. However, with his help my piano has turned into a creative outlet and an excellent passion. Learning how to play an instrument has changed my life for the beand I have to thank Jason for being a mentor on this journey. I probably wouldn’t have grown as comfortable with my piano or learned it nearly as quickly if not for him.