Soumya Koka – Vocals (Level 2)

Going to Nathaniel School has been an extremely fulfilling and wonderful experience for me. The early morning classes with Lillian Ma’am were such a great way to start off the day. They were thoroughly enjoyable, from the physical workout to vocal exercises to her amazing sense of humor. Her vocal exercises helped me a lot with expanding my vocal range. She also taught us the right way to sing, how to use our different vocal registers and how to sing in harmony. Ma’am has been so encouraging and motivating all the time and that has helped me gain a lot of confidence in my singing. 

The shuffle classes with Jason were very interesting where he shared with us a lot about songwriting, scales and harmony. He made it extra interactive and had each of us compose a vocal line using the Pentatonic scale.

While jamming with instrumentalists for the graduation performance was a lot of fun it was also very enlightening for me every single time. I learnt about how vocals go together with instrumentals, singing in scale, on time and in harmony as well as voice projection. I also learnt a lot from my fellow NSM students which added greatly to my performance on stage.