Srinivasan M

Music and dance have always been close to my heart. Though I have tried few other things as out of interest right from my child hood days which include athletics, martial arts, sketching, blogging, poetry, sketching, cricket, dancing, singing in school choir, learning guitar etc but never really could take anything to next level due to lack of guidance and support. 2 years back, while I was playing around with Garage band application in my friend’s Macbook, a thought struck me that ‘Why shouldn’t I learn music and create my own music and make others dance to my tracks?  Trying multiple things I like, is fine but shouldn’t I be good, if not best, in atleast something” and that’s when I decided that I should take up music and learn it properly.

One of my friend who had attended a workshop of NSM and know about NSM, recommended NSM to me and I am happy that I have joined NSM. I did my level 1 keys course in batch 6 last year as a complete beginner and have joined NSM for my level 2 in keys.

For a working professional, attending an intense 10 weeks ”Music method” program is very difficult but the class timings was made flexible based on the convenience of the batch members and Jason, whenever required. Even when I had to miss a class or two due to hectic work schedule, Jason helped me to catch up on the missed parts in the next class. The course is well structured and the individual attention I got during the classes was very good. The quality of the instruction is awesome. Jason understood the pace of my learning and the level of the skill and taught at a pace which was comfortable to me.

Never has Jason sulked during teaching or to answer any of my silly questions in the class. Due to the close attention in the class and during the jam sessions, Jason was able to promptly correct most of the mistakes in my playing techniques and whenever I was struggling with few techniques in few lessons. Jason is very much approachable for any queries or any guidance about any music related stuff even outside the class via phone or online or in person, all throughout the course and even after my keys course completion.

The jam sessions with the batch members, to practice for the stage performance after the course completion, was a lot of fun experience and was a tremendous opportunity to learn about playing in time, playing with the band and the band dynamics. Within 10 weeks of course, I never thought that I could learn so much.

When I started the course, I never imagined that I will end up performing couple of songs on stage, along with the NSM batch students. NSM and the active NSM alumni forum in facebook, provides amazing platform to network with other musicians. The association with NSM doesn’t end with just the course and it keeps continuing through the NSM alumni forum in facebook, chances to play in gigs by NSM and NSM club sessions.

Though there I highly recommend NSM to anyone who is passionate about music and is keen to learn. NSM offers amazing learning experience and goes a step beyond compared to other schools/place, to help musicians get better overall in their area of music.

A Happy Student of NSM
-Srinivasan M